Automatic paper straw packing machine with auto counting

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Performance characteristics
1. Touch screen control is adopted in this machine. The main control circuit adopts PLc. The measurement is accurate, the circuit fault is detected automatically, the operation is simple and the adjustment is convenient.
2. Mechanical formula function (memory function: store debugged procedures), avoid repeated debugging and waste of materials when packaging similar specifications products, save more time and cost, and improve packaging efficiency.
3. Intelligent blanking detection, optimization of online functions, effective prevention of material, packaging material loss, so that the perfect operation of equipment.
4. Adopt high-quality dual-frequency conversion simple mechanical structure, easy maintenance, less wear and tear, long life.
5. High-precision photoelectric detection and tracking (film color mark tracking). Two-way automatic compensation, accurate and reliable.
6. The suction pipe is controlled by a servo motor and the number of points is more precise.
7. Packing speed and bagging length are controlled by double frequency converter. It has infinitely variable speed and wide range of arbitrary adjustment. It can match the front process of production line perfectly.
8. Stainless steel conveyor countertop, spraying paint treatment for main engine part. It can also be customized Made of stainless steel.




Packing material


PE coated Paper

Max. packaging material width


Packaging length


Packaging width


Product height



3-15 bags/min

Packaging quantity

10-250pcs/pack for film

10-100pcs/pack for coated paper

Total power


Power supply

380V 50Hz / 220V 50Hz

Machine size


Product Application
This paper straw packing machine is Pillow type, three side sealing, which is professional for paper straws packaging. The packaging material use Film and coated Paper.

Packing samples with film


Packaging sample with coated Paper